The Millenial Ark - A Novel by Michael R. Seymour

The Millennial Ark - A Novel by Michael R. Seymour
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What Is The True Price Of Oil?

We all complain about the price of gas, but do any of us stop to consider what the true cost of oil will be to human civilization?

What Are Human Lives Worth?

In our reckless search for the last remaining drops of oil might we be destroying our planets ability to support human life?

The Millennial Ark is the story of how one small town manages to survive when the unthinkable happens and we pay the ultimate price for oil.

When one blood thirsty oil executive ignores the consequences of his insatiable quest for more oil, his company’s unsafe off-shore drilling and fracking practices lead to a catastrophic global catastrophe that few were prepared for.

John Williams, a fourth generation Kansas farmer, worries about what’s to come. As his daughter AnnaBelle, nears college graduation, he knows she’s thinking of starting a life with Adam, a boy he’s not sure is good for her. But soon, he comes to realize that her very survival, along with her entire generation, is at stake when evidence of a looming disaster begins to appear.

He sounds the alarm, he insists a plan to survive must be made, but nobody wants to listen. When everyone realizes he may be right, will it be too late to save the town? Will it be too late to save humanity?

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