Will America prevail against a powerful invasion without electricity?

The Bloodletting: Book III

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The General and his forces have landed in Iowa, they have encountered difficulties they could not have foreseen and have met resistance.

The second in command of this invasion lands in Florida and overcomes initial difficulties and is able to attain his objectives. He is unable to communicate with the General and he takes a small force and sets out to find the General.

Tom Brown, the Iowa farmer, his family and friends choose to protect their homes and way of life. They resist the invasion as best they can with the meager resources available to them. They try to get their lives back together in this post invasion era.

The simple farm folks are satisfied that they have repelled the invaders and are unaware that the second in command is soon to appear, seeking his General.

When the Colonel arrives the farm folk are forced to deal with a man more ruthless and capable than the General.

Who will prevail? 

Will America survive this powerful invasion? 

Would you survive? Will you survive?

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