America lays devastated without power & water but one town fights back…

The Bloodletting: Book II

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A few of the invaders survive the encounter with the townspeople. One of those is a girl named Sholing.

Book I of the series centers more or less around the activities of the single plane that lands with the General in Timberlake Iowa. We learn in Book II that the General has chosen this remote location because of the central location and because of the planned destruction along the coastline.

Book II follows the escapades of several other of the invaders. Some have come here on airplanes and some have come here in specially equipped shipping containers. Each group has a special mission and we see the methodical destruction of the American infrastructure.

In Book II we are given close up glimpses of the devastating effects of this destruction.

At the end of Book II our family learns that Carl’s daughter Julliette and her new friend Sholing have been taken captive by a part of the invading army. The whole town was under the mistaken impression that they had defeated the enemy. It was decided that they celebrate with an old fashioned town feed in the city square. As the meal winds to a conclusion the pastoral setting is destroyed when several armed men intrude on the gathering and kill many of the town folk. 

It is our hope that everything turns out alright for them.

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