No Power. No Water. No Medicine. Invasion. Would you be ready?

The Bloodletting: Book I

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The story line is that a few powerful people in a foreign country decide to take The United States for their own. A force of well trained mercenaries is organized and shipped to the United States.

Book I begins as the General of the expedition leaves in one of several planes destined for various locations in the United States.

Our story line revolves around a simple family caught up in this madness. Tom Brown and his wife, Mary are simple people who live on a farm in Timberlake, Iowa. They have lived happily there with their children, Albert, Marshall, Edward, and Mary II. The boys, Marshall and Edward, are commonly referred to as Two and Three respectively because of an incident that occurred with their sister Mary II.

Tom has a best friend named Carl Stoneman, who is African American. These two men were called into duty to rescue Mary and Mary II from the city where the girls had gone to visit Mary’s sister Ashlee.

The men depart for the city and leave the home front in the capable hands of Albert and his brothers.

In their absence, the General’s plane lands in this remote part of the universe and the invaders are miraculously repelled by the townsfolk.

The adults return just in time to help with the destruction of the majority of invaders on this plane.

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