The Bloodletting trilogy

The Bloodletting: The first three books of the series

The United States has become fat and lazy and weak.

It has become a nation in debt that is forced to borrow money from rich nations in order to fight foreign wars to further their interests. It has become a nation whose children are overweight yet still eat sugar for breakfast and lunch and supper.

This story gives the reader some idea of what would happen to this country if a large foreign power becomes worried that we might default on our debt and take steps to take over this country by force. A plan is devised and executed whereby we are invaded by a small army of well trained soldiers. They begin by shutting off the electricity, by damaging our water supply, by tampering with our medicines and by using our weaknesses against us.

The story revolves around a small farm community who are able to resist the invasion without perishing, for the time being.

Find out what happens when we are caught completely by surprise.

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The Millennial Ark: A NovelThe Author's Notes and Thoughts

The purpose of the books is to make Americans aware that this type of thing could happen tomorrow. It is designed to show Americans that by taking a few precautions we could survive such an invasion.

Several years ago when I was working on the road and far from home the economy started going south. A few of us know how fragile the electrical grid actually is and we had a president that was telling us that we were strong. I thought that someone needed to draw a picture for Americans that would show how dependent we had become on the fragile electrical grid. My intention was to scare the living daylights out of people so that they would take a few precautions. If we lose our electricity we will only be devastated if we are unprepared. It does not take much for us to be prepared.

I wrote the first book and passed it out to friends and family, they loved it but they might lie to me to keep from hurting my feelings. When people that had no reason to like me were asking for the next books I was further heartened.

Many people have complained that they were up till 4 am reading when they needed to go to work the next day. Ladies have told me that their husbands never read, but they read this, and couldn’t put it down.

I spent a lot of effort selling the first book with modest success. One day I told the wife that what I needed to do was to stop selling and spend that effort writing the next two books so that I would have something to sell.

Here they are.

Michael R. Seymore, MA